Friday, September 28, 2012

Coyote Country

The wild ones are about.

I have yet to see a wild coyote,

but someday it will happen, 

and it will be life-changing

and I will feel something inside myself grow a little wilder

and stronger for the experience of looking into those eyes.

Coyote scat!  Somebody feasted on nectarines or maybe plums recently.

There is a bit of the old railroad

that leads over the stream from the field

and into the town of Erie, Colorado,

where the day is closing into dusk.

Time to go home, Romeo.


  1. I've seen many coyotes in Alabama and a few in Texas. I don't think it changed my life, just made me more concerned about our pets.

    1. I think they're fascinating examples of wildlife surviving against human odds. I've wanted to see a wild "God's Dog" for years. But I understand what you mean, I'd be worried about making sure our pets were locked up for the night if we had land or a yard.