Monday, October 22, 2012

Remembering a Friend

The following is part of something I was writing when a companion animal friend died in July.

"Two rabbits also live here in a two-room cardboard house, a quiet lapine couple who don't hesitate to share their opinions with me. I pay close attention to my roommates. They are like any typical couple, lapine or human. They don't always get along. Sometimes there's shoving when treats are being passed out, sometimes one of them hogs the bunny sofa all to themselves. And sometimes there is a deep and obvious bond being expressed between them, a communication all their own and quite obviously what can be construed as love. I see it in the way Lin washes Rollie's face like a human wife might stroke her partner's cheek. I see it in the way Rollie hops over to Lin and flops beside her with his head at her shoulder, as if to say 'hi sweetheart.' They have emotional lives that have nothing to do with me and I would be ignorant and arrogant to think otherwise. I can't communicate with them in their language regardless, only watch them and enjoy how adorably cute they are when they fold their paws under them in what my husband calls 'loaf mode'."

I took a lot of videos and photos of Rollie Doobs and his Lady Linda, before he passed from cancer a few months ago.  Here is a video I took in early April of them exploring the rest of the bunny proofed apartment for the first time.  (My office is the bunny bedroom.)  As you can see, there was a lot of going back and forth while they enjoyed the new space.

I miss you, Dubious.  I know Lin does too.

Roland Dubious.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

2 Things Challenge: Alike/Alive

ALIKE/ALIVE: I'm a week early with this challenge!  Romeo and I went to the bark park a while back and met a pooch that looked like he could have been Romeo's big brother.  Right down to the white tipped tail!

"Jack the Dog"

Romeo "Stinky" Smooch... the park.

Roughhousing with his buddy.

R.S. Smooch at home.

Jack had a great time giving Romeo a hard time.