Sunday, May 4, 2014

First Semester, Part Two

Meet my classmate Brian and his Vizsla pooch, Jasper, during canine and feline restraint lab.  Jasper climbs up into Brian's lap for hugs.

"What you lookin' at?"

Banks, who is totally chill in a room full of dogs.  We all love Banks.

Princess, the very nervous King Charles' spaniel.

Banks and Amy practicing feline restraint techniques.  Banks isn't aware he's being restrained, he thinks Amy gives great hugs.

"Sigh, he's lucky I love him so much."

Ellie, being restrained by someone who is not her human person.  "Um...where's Michelle?"

Ledger and his Danielle.  (Ledger is the adopted brother of Banks.)

Andy's little Shiba Inu is an almost tripod dog.

He was born with a little bit missing.

"What's going on, do you know why they keep taking turns looking in our eyes and ears?"

"No idea, humans are weird."

Ellie the Boston terrier and her human, Michelle.

Ear cleaning.

Nail trimming.

Cookie gets her paws cleaned by her Stephanie.

Viggo cuddles in Kat's arms.

So chill.

First Semester, Part One

This week is the last week of classes in my first semester as a vet tech.  It's been wonderful meeting like minded people and their anminamals, and getting a big chunk of the book learning done.  Our first restraint lab happened to be at the Horse Protection League,

in Golden.

Beautiful area, even in February.  Everything was gold and blue, and the wind was brisk.

It was our first time wearing scrubs.

It felt so great to be around horses!

It took me a while to put down my camera.

Proper slipknot tying is demonstrated.

Brian and Princess are paired for lab.

Everyone paid close attention

as twitches were explained.

I was paired with an ex-dressage champion named...Romeo.

Romeo was glad to be turned out after having his lips twitched and his feet picked up repeatedly.