Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Personal Growth

The past few years have seen me do a lot of growing up.  I earned my second degree-a degree in veterinary technology, passed the national exam to become a certified veterinary technician, applied and was accepted in the state of Colorado as a CVT, have been working in the field for the past year, and have earned some much needed self confidence.  It was pretty challenging to overcome my lifelong queasiness about blood and guts, but when you study anatomy and begin to see how things work, it really does become fascinating.  This fuzzy person was there for me through all of it.


I also took a beginning drawing class and a zoology class while working full time this spring semester.  Focusing on myself, on things that interest me and that also make me feel useful, has gotten me through some rotten times in recent years.  I think I'm a stronger and better person for it.  I feel like I've grown a lot on the inside.  On that note, I start guitar lessons next week, will be doing volunteer work at the Denver Zoo this summer, and am loving drawing in my spare time.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Underwater Garden

After spending most of the past year working with folks that are hardcore tank enthusiasts, I finally caught the bug and recently started keeping a cute little five and a half gallon tropical tank.

I stocked it with one anubias, some wisteria, some cryptocoryne, and two moss balls.

I decided I wanted a small school instead of a solitary betta fish.  I added two black neon and two glow light tetras that will school together and each will be two inches full grown.  This breaks the rule of one gallon in the tank for every inch of fish, but I'm careful to change 10% of the water every week as suggested and I also test the water's pH, hardness, chlorine, nitrate, nitrite, and ammonia levels at the same time.  This appeals to the nerd in me-I had to look up what levels were normal for my tank and had flashbacks to biology class.

A black neon tetra admiring its reflection.

The glow light tetras are more aloof than the black neons.

It's very peaceful to watch the little tank contained ecosystem doing its thing.

Saturday, December 27, 2014


My sister in law's pup, Aussie.  And family.  (Lin was at the bunnysitter's.)

Second Semester, Part One

I had a lot of nerdy fun making digital stories for class last semester.  This one was for a surgical nursing project that I did with fellow student Missy, with the research assignment being GDV.


This one was for pharmacology, with the research assignment being antimicrobials.


Pigpen's Perch

My mustached little cat loves me.  He also prefers perching to being held.  (From left to right: Mo, Meg, and the Piglet.)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Parental Units Paid a Visit

My folks came to visit us this past August.  They were only here for four days, but we made it to the Garden of the Gods, they visited Buffalo Bill's grave while checking out Golden (I had class), we made it to Strahnahan's Whiskey Distillery, museums.  Here are some images from the Clyfford Still museum.

The Mum and the Da.

An across the exhibit shot of Still's self portrait.

We also spent an hour at the Denver Art Museum, since it was right next door.

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Learning Applied Science

Happy Nosevember to you!  So it's been a heck of a ride so far in this veterinary technician program.  I can't believe it's been a year since I was taking my pre-reqs in science and math.  Next month, I will officially be halfway through the program.  It's challenging and also a little scary.  I'm learning how to help animals, both in the medical field and also through educating their owners.  It can be very stressful and depressing, and also fun and incredibly rewarding.  Some of what I've been up to and experiencing in the past few months...*WARNING--Some medically graphic photos*