Saturday, March 16, 2013

Two Little Orphan Lagamorphs

In the two years that I've volunteered as a feeder at the Bunny Barn, I've met all kinds of bunny personalities.  Every single one is a kind little soul just wanting to be understood.  Here are two of the most current that I work with 2-3 times a week.

Jazzy is a tough, scrappy little guy.  He's very proper and doesn't like nonsense, you have to ask to come into his space or you might get a bunny slap for your rudeness.  I've always thought if he could speak, it would be with a British/Benedict Cumberbatch voice.  He recently had a chance at friendship and a permanent home, but sadly, it didn't work out this time around.  In fact during the bonding process, he broke his little leg during a struggle with his potential buddy.  If you've never seen two bunnies together, you can't imagine the potential violence during their bonding process.  I've seen immediate love and cuddling and I've also seen blood drawn and fur fly.  (Ever watched the cartoon version of Watership Down?)

Jazz is going to be fine.  I feel badly for him but at the same time, I can't help thinking that is the cutest cast I have ever seen.

This is handsome McCrea.  He was rescued from a group situation, coming from humans who had absolutely no idea how to feed or handle rabbits.  He'll be a year old in June and was just neutered at 9 months.  So he's still full of hormones, spraying/chinning/marking everything he can (he nailed me on the leg during feeding earlier this week), and is so anxious and socially awkward, it melts your heart.  I move slowly and confidently around him, and I make sure he can see me before I approach him.  Even so, he moves very quickly and he's bitten me a couple of times now in the time we've interacted, out of sheer panic at not knowing how else to respond.  His usual posture is a defensive one, crouched with tail and ears up.  I'm looking forward to seeing him warm up to good food, good handling and loving attention.  Nancy the barn manager is confident that he's going to come around with regular handling.  He has a little white spot on his chin and an intense curiosity.


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