Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Tinyman, Mosley Tinyman: A Character Sketch in Photos

The latest feline addition to the Blackberry Farm family is Mo, I got to meet him on this latest trip during Thanksgiving.  Mosley Tinyman, the Siamese mix.

My sister found him in a dumpster near where she works.  Someone threw him away, but lucky for him he fits right in on the farm with our folks' and their other animals, and gets more love than he's ever going to need.

He hit the feline jackpot with my family and lives the good life.

He's adorable, but very mischievous.  Here he is sitting in my dad's hat.

One of his favorite past times is giving super serious Dexter a hard time.


of the time.

He dreams of the day when he will be allowed outside the house to explore like the other house cats.  (As soon as he is neutered and much to Dexter's relief.)

His other full time job is exploring forbidden table tops,

getting into everything, 

and not caring a pig's ear when he gets in trouble.


is 100%


My mom

is his favorite human person.

He loves to cuddle and doesn't mind at all

if Mom is otherwise occupied.  He'll hang around.

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