Friday, December 28, 2012

In the Dying Garden

These photos were taken in mid-November on Blackberry Farm when I was visiting for the holiday.  I went outside to get the last of the greens and cold weather vegetables in and I had a lot of help.

The chickens get to spend their days outside of the coop now that the garden's about to be turned under for the winter.  But they still found all kinds of things to get into,

including the compost pile.

Old Spur is still top rooster.

An Araucanian hen in a forest of kale.

Rows of Swiss chard 

were full of fall colors


and snacking hens.


Unharvested tomatillos reminded me of shells on a beach for some reason.

Dexter came to check out what was going on and couldn't resist play stalking some hens in the gone to seed asparagus bed.

With the cold months coming on, my folks will still have plenty of fresh veggies to harvest from their amazingly awesome hoop house.  When the breeze turned chilly outside, I'd just step inside the hoop house for a few minutes where it was nice and warm.

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