Sunday, January 13, 2013

Living High off the Vegetarian Hog

One of my favorite chores to do when visiting the farm is processing goodies from the garden.  Then eating them!  There was a lot to do in November.  I wasn't thinking and started chopping jalapenos with my bare hands.  The homemade poppers were worth it, but I won't be making that mistake EVER AGAIN.

Fresh herbs

of all kinds.

Fried green tomatoes and griddle cake.

I chopped green cherry tomatoes and mixed them with bread crumbs, cheese, herbs and onions

to make savory green tomato pies.

Wish I'd written it down, it was excellent!

Cherry cream cake.

Homemade brie that my mother makes from fresh milk.


And Mr. Mosley, inspecting a bushel of chard waiting to be washed.

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